Why Naked Wednesdays?


Shed your routine.

Inspired by the key visual principle of contrast, Naked Wednesdays playfully explores the dynamics between two opposing ideas. The juxtaposition of the carefree with the conventional is fertile ground for creative breakthroughs and innovation.

Animation being a visual language, symbolism is never far away.

In French, Wednesday is mercredi in honour of Mercury, messenger of the gods, and ruler of all things communication. With this in mind, Naked Wednesdays illustrates another of our key values: genuine and forthright dialogue.

Nothing to hide.

We believe that openness and honesty at the heart of everyday bustle leads to an environment of trust and growth for all involved. Not being afraid to pull your - metaphorical - pants down, to embrace vulnerability, and to ask for help is vital for problem solving, nurturing skillsets, and keeping on the cutting edge.

If you thought Naked Wednesdays was simply an homage to the stereotypical freelancer lifestyle... 

Think again.

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